Legal clinics for psilocybin in Oregon draw hundreds, most from out of state.


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Jul 9, 2023
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The legalization of the use of psilocybin in Oregon is being discussed due to its use at licensed centres. Some individuals include those who are from out of state and are seeking treatment for chronic mental illnesses at the centres. The high cost of psilocybin therapy does not seem to have been an issue despite the high cost of it which has helped the industry generate a significant amount of interest. This has led to waitlist sessions.

The experiences of legal psilocybin users also highlight how the psychedelic compound has helped individuals with conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. Clients who are from out of state have been drawn to Oregon's regulated industry which seems to be most of them.

The potential transformative effect of psilocybin therapy has been emphasized, this has been seen through personal accounts of those who have had improved mental health.

Although some have expressed their surprise at the out-of-state interest, others have seen it as an opportunity for the regulated industry in Oregon to reach people nationwide. The cost of psilocybin therapy which is quite high has been acknowledged as a barrier which is in turn, making psilocybin therapy inaccessible to many. Some facilitators offer discounts for specific groups but also offer sliding scales as well.

Overall, the article you can find here explores the popularity of psilocybin therapy which is growing in popularity in Oregon and also its impact on treatment for mental health, despite the financial challenges that are associated with the new industry.
Oregon, United States
I'm all for this being studied and utilized for health care needs. As long as it's in a controlled environment and with doctors, I think it could be a great option for those suffering from mental illness and other issues.

The downside seems to be with the pricing. And I don't know if there is adverse affects like a bad reaction to it. I wonder if insurance would cover such treatment.

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