Oregon Gun Control Measure Struck Down: Court Declares Measure 114 Unconstitutional


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Aug 26, 2023
The Harney County Circuit Court has issued a permanent injunction against Oregon's Measure 114, a gun control policy passed by voters in November 2022. The Measure 114 proposed a strict requirements for gun ownership such as requirement of police approval and training, which has now been deemed unconstitutional under the Oregon Constitution. Judge Robert Raschio emphasized that Measure 114 is against the constitutional right to bear arms. The court ruling prevents the implementation of the measure, protecting the rights of gun owners in Oregon.
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Oregon, United States
I disagree with this change. I think all gun owners should take training of some sort, maybe not always with police, but new gun owners should be forced to go through a class or two to make sure they're safely using their gun, and taking good care of it as well.

I agree that it shouldn't be police doing the approval and training, but the state should find a way to do that themselves. Require at the least, training, a background check, etc. I think that all would be enough.
This is something I disagree with greatly and my reason for this is I feel that anyone who wishes to own a gun of any kind should have taken some kind of training prior.

Gun control at the moment has so many issues and something more needs to be done but I feel that many end up going backwards and the reason is always that it goes against their rights or is deemed unconstitutional

It is a shame that they changed this.
I have a feeling these rules will keep changing. I am all for people having to follow certain rules, and go through certain training, especially when it comes to guns. And especially since gun violence is so problematic in this country. So following a little bit of rules is ideal to make sure everyone is safe.

Being forced to train with police isn't a big deal with me, because I think you should be trained by someone. If they can be trained by a seasoned gun owner, that may be better. Or trained by a pro in guns.

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