Groundwater depletion in Oregon


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Feb 14, 2024
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The Western United States is known for its droughts, however, this hasn't stopped Oregon residents for installing wells, whether a permit has been granted or not. Unfortunately, the permitting laws haven't been updated in decades, plus it's difficult to enforce the current rules due to budgetary constraints. It's created the perfect storm, where wells have to be dug deeper and deeper, which is more costly. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved as farmers, homeowners, business owners, and environmental agencies lock horns in search for a good solution.

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It's definite that they need to get the rules in order. These rules are dated for a different time, so they need to make more sense for modern times. 1955 was a long time ago, so it makes sense it's due for an update. And it sounds like the system set before it was failing, so the time is now for a new set of rules to hopefully save as much water as possible.
How can they continue implementing rules that were made for different times? Rules need to be updated so that it will be more appropriate for changed time. I have noticed that exploitation is rampant in many places. They are drilling wells but they have not created any kind of infrastructures to recharge ground water.
It must be tougher for landlocked states to conserve water. I bet farmers use a ton of it just trying to keep their animals and crops alive. Hopefully the regulating body will come up with a good solution soon.

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