Oregon water officials say permitting must change to keep tens of thousands of wells from going dry


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Oct 30, 2023
The Oregon Water Resources Department must make some changes soon with their well systems, as their groundwater reserves are starting to dry up. Now officials are attempting to change the permitting process to save as much water as possible, or set up new rules with the already existing process.

The big problem is that many of their groundwater basins are drying up before they can naturally replace the water. Oregon wants to update the groundwater permitting laws in turn to help conserve groundwater by setting new rules and guidelines. The old rules & regulations require that the state must maintain stable levels of groundwater, but it also does not define what a stable level is, and that's what the new permitting process is hoping to change.

Of course not everyone is happy about this, as some farmers and water districts are concerned these new rules could be too restrictive. What do you think?

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Oregon, United States
That's honestly got to be a scary situation, the possibility of many wells running dry has got to be a major concern. Conserving ground water is the right thing to do here, considering these wells likely serve many residents.
The situation with Oregon's groundwater reserves is of much concern, therefore, the need for changes in the permitting process is understandable. It's crucial to take action against the drying up of groundwater basins, especially when they can't replenish naturally. The initiative to update permitting laws to set clearer rules and guidelines is a step in the right direction. However, the concern from farmers and water districts about potential restrictions is valid. Striking a balance between conserving water resources and ensuring the sustainability of agriculture is essential. The key lies in finding solutions that protect the environment without overly burdening those dependent on water for their livelihoods