SB Addressing Water Protection Challenges in New Mexico

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Aug 26, 2023
Last year's Sackett decision and Amended 2023 Rule removed federal pollution protections from 90 percent of New Mexico's surface water. New Mexico's rivers are now the most threatened in the U.S., according to a New Mexico Environment Department report that was recently the subject of this article in The Guardian.

The Sackett ruling has led to New Mexico's seasonal (i.e., non-relatively permanent) waterways being exposed to unregulated pollution. State legislators are now trying to mend this by proposing to allocate $7.6 million funds for groundwater monitoring and setting up a state-level permitting system to regulate pollutants in surface waters.

When the federal protection was ended, it jeopardized the water quality and also water availability for New Mexico's population. The state's new measures aim to fill this regulatory gap and safeguard vital water resources for all communities.
New Mexico, United States