Victory for Water Protection in Factory Farms Court Ruling in Wisconsin


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Aug 26, 2023
A Wisconsin judge has affirmed that the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) will have the authority to mandate permits for factory farms to prevent pollutants from being discharge into state waters. The ruling was a response to a lawsuit by factory farm lobbying groups. The court ruling supports the DNR's power to impose conditions like groundwater monitoring and manure management. This decision safeguards lakes, streams, and drinking water from contamination caused by factory farms. The ruling comes as victory for for environmental protection as well as the state's commitment to preserving water quality for public health and aquatic wildlife.

You can read about this ruling here
Wisconsin, United States
We have the DNR here in Michigan and they are very serious about our lakes and rivers. I am for this new mandate on permits, especially when it comes to any lakes or nearby rivers. Factory farms shouldn't be free to do whatever they want either, so it's good they are making them go through these steps to get permitted.