Groups Sue Montana Over Unlawful Factory Farm Water Pollution Permit


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Oct 30, 2023
Groups in Montana are suing the Montana Department of Environmental Quality due to issuing a water pollution permit that allowed factory farms to discharge waste into local waterways without any adequate oversight or safeguards in place. The groups are claiming that the permit is in violation of the Clean Water Act and the Montana Water Quality Act, and that is posses serious risk to the environment, including wildlife and even human health.

They would like to revoke the permit and require that the state adopt stricter standards going forward, especially in regards to regulating factory farm pollution. I agree 100% with their choice to do this, as it should help us come to a better understanding of what risks there really are.

The article here - Center for food safety, also goes into more detail about the impacts of factory farm pollution and the legal actions taken by the groups in other states.
Montana, United States
A lot of these stories about farms and pushing their waste to local waterways. It's clear a lot needs to be addressed here. We need safeguards in place, especially when we're dealing with anything like this and our lakes and rivers. I hope their permits are taken away until this is all sorted. We can't let these companies pollute our waters anymore.
Having grown up in an area with a mix of agricultural and natural landscapes, I've seen how industrial farming can have consequences on aquatic life, and ecosystems, and potential risks to human health. The idea of factory farms discharging waste into waterways without adequate oversight or safeguards raises significant environmental and public health concerns. It's crucial for communities to actively participate in safeguarding their natural resources, especially when potential risks to wildlife and human health are at stake.