Court Decision Puts Port Arthur LNG Terminal Permit in Question


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Aug 26, 2023
There have been some developments that will affect the companies seeking permission to release air pollutants in Texas. The federal appeals court has overturned a crucial permit issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for Port Arthur LNG. The court decided that TCEQ made a random decision by allowing higher emissions limits for Port Arthur LNG, a facility that liquefies and exports natural gas, compared to a similar facility, Rio Grande LNG.

This ruling requires a reevaluation and potential correction of the permit, emphasizing the importance of following strict pollution control standards known as "best available control technology." For companies like Port Arthur LNG and others in similar industries, this decision signals a closer examination of emission limits and a possible change in the permit approval process. It highlights the need for thorough environmental assessments and the use of effective pollution control technologies in new projects.

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I really think if these companies continue to break these rules, these really strict important rules, fines should be big.

It makes you wonder if other companies are putting out more pallutants than they are allowed. The permitting process for something like this has to be strict and has to be followed right.

Otherwise I think if companies are caught breaking these rules again, they should lose permitting rights for at least a year. This is our health we're speaking of. The fact they are allowed a certain amount into our environment already is one thing, but if they break that limit, severe punishment should be set forth. These big companies have to take responsibility for their actions.