New Rules Create Big Challenges for Clark County Street Vendors


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Aug 26, 2023
Clark County, a county in Nevada has set very high permit fees for street vendors. Now, the fees for permits cost around $1200, which includes state and county business licenses and health district permits. For vendors who makes just about $140 a day, paying that kind of fees is very difficult. This has resulted in street vendors being hesitant to get permits, which has prompted the county to issue warnings. In fact the county has already issued 38 warnings for non-compliance, with potential fines up to $500 or jail time. Clark County is also trying to help street vendors by offering workshops to explain the rules and assist with applications. Despite these efforts, the high costs remain a major hurdle for vendors.

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Nevada, United States
They really should consider charging cheaper prices at first, as a way to bring street vendors in, and when it's better established, they can consider raising the prices a bit. It could be like an introductory price for the first select group of street vendors to take part. Idk, I'm just spit balling ideas here.
If you want the businesses to follow the rules, you also need to create rules and regulations that are easier to follow. Tougher the rules, it is more likely that the business will avoid the rules. When the business avoid the rules, it is also likely that health and safety will be at stake, especially when the vendors are selling foods. I believe permit fees should be kept down so that everyone can go ahead and get the permit for their businesses.