Permit Purgatory: Street Food Vendors Stuck in Legal Limbo


Jan 27, 2024
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In Henderson, Nevada, a taco stand was shut down due to a lack of permit, emphasizing a larger issue in Clark County where there is no established process for street food vendors to obtain the necessary permits to operate legally.

A new state law requires every city in Clark County, including Henderson, to create a permitting process for street food vendors.
Implementation hasn't happened yet, which is leaving vendors uncertain and at the risk of being shut down or having all their goods confiscated.

The local jurisdictions have until July to start issuing all permits, with vendors hopeful for legal clarity and relief from all potential fines or imprisonment for operating without a license.

You can read more about this here >
Henderson, Nevada, United States
I feel for those guys. I hope they don't end up losing their livelihood. It would feel horrible to be in their situation. You'd think that the court would fast-track their decision, assuming that's where it ends up.
That is a good start, but needs to move much faster. It's surprising that they don't have rules for those looking to be street vendors in Nevada, or to start one in the area. Hopefully they get this system working soon so that those running these street vendor businesses can get permitted and legal be in business going forward.
If the state is taking their sweet old time to get a permitting system in place, then it should be within their rights to run these businesses unabated until things change. Are they supposed to wait until July? They could be losing sales and customers in the process of waiting this out. I sure hope they figure a system out soon, so that these food vendors can get started on making their businesses.

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