City of Long Beach to give away free vending carts to help push vendors to comply with regulations


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Oct 30, 2023
The city of Long Beach is planning to give away free vending carts to the many street vendors in Long Beach who are willing to comply with the rules and regulations outlined for food vendors in the area. This new giveaway of sorts is a plan from the “Sidewalk to Success” program, a program aimed to help street vendors comply with local regulations. This new phase will issue free vending carts to up to 40 businesses that are currently complying with said regulations. One of the business owners taking advantage of the new program is Cameron Kudie of Cafablanca Coffee Cart, who believes this change is a step in the right direction.

The first phase of the plan initially covered business license and health permit fees for the first year of operation. As well, any insurance costs not exceeding $450 was reimbursed. Once the first year is up, the fees are on you to take care of.

Back to Cameron Kudie, it sounds like he is not permitted, as he currently works based on donations. He would love to be permitted, but currently is unable to as he has to have pre-approved NSF certified equipment in order to start on the permitting process.

The program isn't 100% official yet, but Long Beach officials are working on how to give away the free carts. The city does not expect these carts to be given away for months yet.

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Long Beach, California, United States
Well that is certainly one way to get vendors to follow the rules, or incentivize them to do so. Now I am wondering what their plans are for phase 3 or future phases. Because I can see this drawing more food/street vendors in. Free stuff is always a good incentive.

I wonder how many people will start their own food vendor business to take advantage of this program.
If you reward people who follow the rules and regulations, it will encourage other people to follow the rules. If you punish people for not following rules, it will discourage people who are not following rules. Therefore, reward and punishment work. It is very encouraging to know that they are giving free push carts to the vendors who are following rules.