Call for Easier Permits to Solve Housing Shortages in Canada


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Aug 26, 2023
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently published a report during their Red Tape Awareness Week. In the report titled "Flushing out the Nonsense, " they discussed about making permits easier for building projects, especially for small things like renovating bathrooms. CFIB analyzed 12 big cities in Canada and found that places like Vancouver and Toronto have really high permit costs and a lengthy paperwork for getting permits.

According to CFIB more than half of small businesses in construction industry are struggling to get the permits. Therefore, CFIB is calling for change to help solve the housing problem in Canada.

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This is great news for Canadian citizens, especially those who don't need to do extensive remodeling and structural work. I think this is a good move to help make permitting more easier, especially when the work is not really comparable to the likes of an addition to a house or tons of work. One thing that always irks me, is when permit costs are too high, even for the small work, it should never get to that point, because that than means people might not make the needed fixes or changes they had planned.

On another note, in order to make housing more affordable, this is the right step. If you want people to build affordable housing, than the fees for permits in regards to said work shouldn't be so costly.