Any Special Offers For Widows?


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Oct 28, 2023
Does the US government offer some special discounts or aid for widows with kids who have no one to look after them? If such women want to start their own small business to become financially independent, do they get any support from the government/state, (or ease in acquiring permits) or are there same rules for everyone (men and women)?
United States
I haven't come across any type of special permits specifically for widows. I do think that there are other means of assistance that could help since permits don't cost much. There are programs that give money in the form of grants and I do believe that widows are included in the recipients listings.
There are federal and state programs in the United States that may provide support and assistance to widows with children. However, specific programs and their eligibility criteria can vary.

Widows with children may be eligible for Social Security survivor benefits. These benefits provide financial assistance to the surviving spouse or children of a deceased worker. Eligibility criteria include the deceased person's work history and the age of the widow or children.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers various programs to support small businesses, including those owned by women. The SBA provides loans, grants, and counseling services that may be beneficial for widows looking to start their own small businesses. The SBA also has resources specifically designed for women entrepreneurs.