How to obtain a camping permit in Linville Gorge Wilderness?


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Jul 9, 2023
Hi everyone. I was browsing Reddit and I happened to stumble upon this question here that was rather intriguing. The poster on Reddit asked a question on how they would go about obtaining an overnight camping permit for Linville Gorge Wilderness and I felt this was quite an interesting question to ask.

I am sure some of you here may have heard the same question before or could even offer some insight into how one would be able to obtain this kind of permit.

Any experience or advice you are able to share on this would be very much appreciated!
North Carolina, United States
Most permits for wilderness camping in the United States can be found on and reserved online. The page for Linville Gorge Wilderness can be found here. It seems that permits are only required for part of the year, so perhaps the Reddit poster can go when permits aren’t required.

However, if my experience getting permits for climbing in the Sierras are anything to go by, getting these types of permits is easy. The only tricky part is being punctual when the permits for your particular hike open up online so you can nab your permit before someone else takes it. The online system is good and the process is very straightforward.