Permits required to display a business billboard beside your business place in Cleveland, Ohio.


Apr 6, 2024
Billboards are always great tools of publicity for businesses and having your business billboard close to your business premises helps with visibility. In Cleveland, Ohio, there are certain permits that you would need to erect a business billboard beside your business place. The respective permits are:

1) Zoning Permits: You would have to get a zoning permit from the City of Cleveland Department of Building & Housing Inspection Agency. It costs between $100 for small sized billboards to $500 for very big billboards.

2) Sign Permits: Also issued by the
City of Cleveland Department of Building & Housing Inspection, it seeks to ensure that the billboard you are erecting is safe in structure and materials. Typically costs something within the range of between $200 and $500.

3) Right of Way Permit: It is issued by the Cleveland Division of Traffic Engineering ( and it is necessary if the billboard extends into spaces of public utility like sidewalks. Typically is in the range of $200.

What do you think about these permits to have a billboard beside your business premises? Outrageous or rational?
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Nice write up. Although I don't reside in that state, I appreciate seeing the steps that one would take to erect a billboard. I bet some of the permits are applicable to other areas. I understand the necessity behind each permit, but those prices are expensive.
Some of the fees could be avoided by using a pole that's already been erected and approved. That's probably the route that I'd take when it's an option.
Cleveland's zoning code regulates signs, so you must check with the City's Department of Building and Housing Inspection to see if your location allows your sign. If your billboard uses electricity, you'll need an electrical permit too. Some of the considerations for permit include size, location, and billboard content.