What permits do I need to start a street food business in New York City?


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Aug 26, 2023
Are you thinking about starting a street food business in New York City? In order to become a street food vendor, you will have to obtain several permits and these permits are related to health, safety, and regulatory standards. You will have to check with the city agencies, such as the DOHMH, DCWP, FDNY, DOT, and the NYC Department of Taxation and Finance.

Here's a list of permits you may need for becoming a street food vendor in NYC:

Mobile Food Vendor Permit: If you decide to set up a food cart or food truck, you'll need a Mobile Food Vendor Permit from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

NYC Health Department Permit: You need a Food Service Establishment Permit from the DOHMH. You need this permit to prove that your food handling and preparation meet health and safety standards.

Sidewalk Vendor License: If you are setting up your business on a city sidewalk, you need a Sidewalk Vendor license. You can get this permit from the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP).

Vending Unit Permit: If you are cooking with propane or natural gas, you need a permit from the NYC Fire Department (FDNY).

Sales Tax Certificate of Authority: Your business needs to be registered with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

You also need a lot of other permits, but these are the most important ones.
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Definitely, all these permits are very important and must be attained before you can successfully start a street food business in New York City. When you look at all the permits, you can understand the reason why they are a must have. The most important thing is for the departments involved with issuing of those permits to make it a smooth process in order not to stall one's business plan for a long time in waiting.
Yes, all these permits are really important if you want to start your food business. I think getting permit from health department is the most important thing that most food businesses ignore, especially smaller ones or street foods. It's important because you cannot compromise on food quality and how it's prepared.
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I am not thinking about starting up a street food business in New York City but I would imagine this is something many people would be considering so having a list of permits that would be needed depending on the kind of business you would be setting up and where is ideal to have so you can be prepared.