Fireworks business permits are being denied because of their obnoxious advertising


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Oct 30, 2023
Two fireworks businesses near the Colorado border in Laramie County Wyoming have seen their permits denied due to what the city says, is their obnoxious advertising. The Laramie Count Commission recently denied Jurassic Fireworks and Artillery World their seasonal fireworks permits. The reasoning is due to their "Obnoxious" marketing tactics. Tactics like using bullhorns or aggressive flag-waving at their stands which happen to be near the Colorado border. It has led to multiple complaints from other businesses nearby.

Both firework businesses are owned by Breanna & Mike Elliott. Mike believes that the permit denials are due to other competing fireworks businesses and rivals like Phantom Fireworks. He alleges that his competitors are slandering his business to the local authorities. Due to this, they are considering taking legal action against the permit denial. He views it as unjust and an attack on his livelihood and freedom of speech.

This could have an impact on other businesses in the area. There is some worry, as it not only affects the Elliotts' business, but also could influence how future permits are granted or denied. Especially when it's in regards to business conduct and community relations.

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Laramie County, Wyoming, United States
Watched the video of them using their bullhorn. I can see neighboring businesses getting annoyed after a while. But, when you're working in a heavy business area, I'm sure there's a lot of commotion going on in the area. It sounds like anyone trying to advertise their business, or drum up interest. Maybe if they cut out the bullhorn, it wouldn't be such a big deal. I think that's where the problem comes in, noise pollution can bug many people.
If you have to employ that many gimmicks in order to bring in customers, I'd say that your product or service isn't worth having. However, I'd like to know whether the owners were warned about their tactics and how it could affect their permit status in years to come. If not, then I'd be more likely to believe there's some bias going on.
I am not in favor of fireworks. This is very bad for the environment, especially species like bees that helps with food production. I am also against aggressive advertising. I believe ads should be informative so that consumer can make informed choice. Therefore, if they denied permits for obnoxious ads, I am quite happy. Business need to practice ethics.