Do I need to get a permit to keep dog in my business premises?


Apr 28, 2024
My friend who's living in Ohio is looking at starting a new business in the line of fashion designing. He wants to keep dogs in his business premises but isn't sure if he needs a permit to do that.

How can he find out if a permit is needed for him to keep dogs in his business premises?
United States
From what I've found online, all dogs in Ohio that are three months or older must be licensed, regardless of where they're kept. Dog owners are strictly liable for any damages or injuries that their dog caused. I'd make sure that your friend understands his potential liability.
I can't seem to find a definite answer. What I suggest your friend does is check with local ordinances. Or, if you're unsure where to look, reach out to a county auditor, as those living in Ohio need to register their dog with them at three months old. Like what @mantis said above.

You also might find this link useful:

It includes a list of Ohio's codes, should include more details on having a dog on business property. Another thing you can do, is reach out to a lawyer who works in animal law or business law and see what they have to say.
Whether you need permit for a dog in your business depends on factors like your business type and local rules. Pet-related businesses usually need permits, where as service animals like guide dogs don't. Emotional support animals might require permits based on state laws.