Where is it easiest to get work permit?


Apr 28, 2024
For someone who's interested in moving to another country in search of better job opportunities, which countries are more likely to be very easy for him or her to get work permit granted?

I've heard that it's easier to get Work Visa in Luxembourg, Iceland and Estonia. Which other countries is it easier to get work permit?
United States
I hear it's also easy to get work work permits or work visas in Germany, Australia & New Zealand and maybe Canada. Those are ones I would consider traveling for work given the opportunity. Of course it would need to be a big opportunity because it would take a lot for me to move to another country for work.

What kind of work would you be interested in doing wherever you intend to move? What countries are you interested in moving to yourself?
There are many countries known for making it relatively easy to get work permits, especially for skilled professionals. Popular options include Germany, Netherlands, and Czech Republic in Europe, Singapore and South Korea in Asia, as well as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Each country offers different opportunities and visa processes, with a focus on skilled workers in various industries.
It largely depends on your particular field, because some countries are recruiting for one thing, while others might be seeking a different type of talent. If you're in the computer science industry, you might apply for a work permit in Portugal. My neighbor's son is heading there next week to work at a cybersecurity firm in Lisbon. It sounded like a great opportunity. I believe computer experts are in demand there.