What is the cheapest work visa?


Apr 28, 2024
Cost is everything when someone is looking at securing a job. Which countries' work visas are considered to be the cheapest? Information have it that Israel's work permit fee is $47 but it must be renewed annually.

What's the cheapest work visa permit you've ever paid for?
United States
When considering work visas, cost is crucial! While it's hard to say which country offer cheapest visa, here are some comparisons:
Estonia is known for reasonable fees, another great option is Thailand where work permit fees are lower than in wealthier nations. However, you also look at the renewal options. Initial fees may seem low but renewal costs might be high.
Aren't the costs usually covered by the employer rather than the worker? I believe it's usually fully sponsored. If so, I wouldn't worry about the costs associated with it. If you're skilled enough in a desirable field, your talent will be worth the visa fees.