Santa Fe Permits


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Apr 6, 2024
Based in New Mexico, Santa Fe Permits can obtain all the necessary permits whether it’s a single residential property or a residential / mixed use development throughout the State of New Mexico. Specifically in both the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. This includes due diligence and obtaining the appropriate approvals for construction including but not limited to Variances, Escarpment Letters, Historic and HOA Approvals. We can also pick up your project during any part of the process and get you building faster than you’d think possible.
Welcome! I love Santa Fe. I was there for a cultural resources training a couple years ago and enjoyed it more than any other training I've taken with the Corps. I work for a federal agency so our main focus was National Historic Preservation Act compliance but visiting Santa Fe really helped educate me on the southwest's Spanish/Pueblo/Catholic history in general. We toured historic Santa Fe and visited a nearby historic Pueblo village as part of the class. I live in San Diego and left hoping to one day take the family out there to visit more of the sites.

What's also interesting about Santa Fe is the City's requirement that residential and commercial buildings be constructed using traditional Pueblo/adobe styles and materials (or at least materials that preserve a traditional appearance, right?). It was really striking driving around the city and maintaining that historic/traditional feel. I imagine Santa Fe must be a great place to do code compliance work, especially if you enjoy being part of the City's larger efforts to preserve southwestern cultural heritage through building code.

@santafepermits, do you relate to what I'm saying at all? I'd be curious if you have any other perspective to share on what's unique/special about Santa Fe building/zoning compliance work.