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Permit Mitch

New member
Mar 12, 2024
Thank you for the invite to join Permitting Talk.

The Permit Group provides extensive permitting services throughout Florida. Our regular coverage area consists of Brevard County south to Dade County on the east coast, as well as the Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Fort Myers areas. We have been processing permits in Florida for over 20+ years

We process all types of permits. We offer Permit Runner / Expedite services as well as full service permitting for specific scopes of work including creating professional layout drawings, calculating wind pressures, highlighting product approvals, completing all municipal required forms, applications, etc.… as well obtaining signed and sealed wind loads and site-specific engineering calculations (if / when needed) We also offer Inspection scheduling service (on a limited basis)

Happy to help however we can please reach out with any Florida Permitting Questions.
Welcome Mitch! Great to have someone with experience working in Florida's "High Velocity Hurricane Zone" on here. Must be interesting work. I'll definitely loop you in on Florida permitting issues as they pop up. Thanks for joining the forum!