Symbium Streamlines Solar Permits


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Jul 9, 2023
In September of 2023, Santa Clarita, Florida was facing a deadline to implement instant permits for solar and solar-battery residential projects, which has been mandated by California state law. A city building official, John Caprarelli, had initially planned to use the SolarApp+ for this very purpose but was advised by a colleague to explore Symbium instead, a San Francisco-based startup.

Despite the timeframe which was quite small, Symbium managed to implement its software for Santa Clarita successfully which made it the 22nd city in California to adopt this kind of technology to meet the instant-solar-permitting deadline.

Before Symbium's platform was adopted, Santa Clarita's process for permits was manually checked which took up to an hour per application. Symbiums software allows solar contractors to input details for the project and the platform will verify the compliance codes.

The system being more automated not only makes the process faster but also enables cost savings too, with Santa Clarita passing the savings over to contractors in the form of permit fees that are reduced.

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Santa Clarita, California, United States
This is great news, especially making the process so much faster for everyone. No one wants to wait for a person to manually go through a permit, taking an hour or more to clear it. When automation could easily do it for us. Of course this means a person loses their job, but it also means it helps move things faster for those who've been waiting.
And a right step into the future we go. I find this to be good news, especially considering solar panels are the future. I truly believe that they are our future way of energy consumption, or at least to make it easier on all of us.

As well, the more we push for solar power the better. I really believe more homes using solar, I think will help a lot in bringing down the pollution from electricity.
The transition from a manual, time-consuming permit-checking process to an automated system is a significant improvement. A change in the permitting process like this one will certainly have a long-lasting positive impact. The automation of the permitting process saves time for service providers as well as service seekers. This will also let people save money while seeking permits and also encourage people to adopt green energy.
The adoption of Symbium's software by Santa Clarita, Florida to meet solar-permitting deadlines is a commendable move. By automating the process, the city not only saves time but also reduces costs for contractors. This step towards renewable energy showcases the positive impact of technology in supporting sustainable initiatives.