SolarAPP+: Making Solar Permits Quick and Easy


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Aug 26, 2023
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SolarAPP+ is a free online tool created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to help local governments speed up permits for residential solar systems. SolarAPP+ has been used by more than 160 communities in the United States. This online tool has greatly helped homeowners who want solar panels on their rooftops.

If you're getting a solar permit, SolarAPP+ makes the process much quicker and less complicated. It can instantly approve qualified systems, helping projects start faster. This is a big change from the older permit process which was very slow.

The SolarAPP+ team is always working to make the software even better. They are adding new features that people and local governments need as things change.

You can read the details here
United States
The use of SolarAPP+ by over 160 communities in the United States demonstrates the positive impact of technology in accelerating solar permits. This online tool has simplified a once complicated process, making it easier for homeowners to adopt solar energy. Such advancements are crucial in promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change.
This is awesome, thank you for sharing. I've been considering solar panels in my area, and will have to check this out to see if they support my area. Getting solar panels on my house right now would be a great start of 2024. :)
I will be looking into this myself. Solar panels are going to be the future when it comes to home energy needs. Or at least, a part of that future energy.

SolarAPP+ I think just pairs you with people who can do solar panels, get you permitted and all that fun stuff. But you're still responsible for paying to have these solar panels installed. I sadly can't afford to get myself solar power right now, but down the road when I can, I will be sure to consider this.

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