New Wisconsin Bill: You Might Soon Have Chickens in Your Backyard!


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Aug 26, 2023
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Hey, Wisconsin residents, are you into urban farming and eco-friendly living? Here's some exciting news for you. There's a new proposal in the works, and if it becomes a law, you will be able to raise a small number of birds like chickens, geese, ducks, quail, or guinea fowl in your backyard. Nevertheless, you might still need a permit and have to let your neighbors know that you are raising birds. You might also have to follow certain rules like following the guidelines for bird shelters and having no rooster.

This is a big change from the current mix of different rules in different places. The idea behind this bill is to give people more power to grow their own food, supporting the right to have a garden at home. It's a clear step toward being more independent when it comes to food, and it might shake things up in how we produce food locally in Wisconsin. If you've been thinking about adding some feathered friends for fresh eggs or just as buddies, this could be your chance. Get all the details about this proposed law and what it means for your backyard plans in the full article here
Wisconsin, United States
I know some other states allow the same. When I lived in Michigan, there was a man down the road from me who had a few chickens in his back yard. We lived in a trailer park, around many other people, but those chickens were never a problem.

But it's good to require a permit when it comes to any type of animal ownership or care. And hey, if you raise chickens, maybe you can sell some of those eggs. :)
This new proposal in Wisconsin is a great step towards promoting self-sustainability and eco-friendly living. Allowing residents to raise a small number of birds in their backyard will not only provide fresh food but also foster a stronger sense of community.

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