Exciting News for Cannabis Fans in California


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Aug 26, 2023
If you are trying to get permits for cannabis or are a cannabis user – we've got some fresh updates just for you. The California Assembly recently gave a thumbs-up to a new law that could really shake things up in the state's cannabis scene. This law, waiting for Governor Newsom's nod, might bring Amsterdam-style cannabis cafés to life all across California.

Now, what's different here is that, unlike the current setup where some cities allow you to use cannabis socially but won't let you munch on regular food or sip non-cannabis drinks, this new law could let local areas sell cannabis along with regular food and drinks. They might even throw in live events in special cannabis zones. Just a heads up, though – there's a strict no-tobacco rule, and these spots can't sell alcohol or hemp products.

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That is actually really cool. So it's essentially like a Cannabis bar? Or just a place for those who take cannabis can go? Either way, I think it's a step in the right direction.

As well, this could help curb problems with cannabis use at establishments that don't allow it. I can see more venues springing up that are meant to be places for cannabis users to enjoy.
This is a great idea and one that will for sure prevent any further issues when it comes to cannabis.

Cannabis can help with a lot of health issues including anxiety and chronic pain so it is right that something like this should be available to allow people who wish to and need to, use cannabis safely.
Thanks for sharing the exciting updates! This is going to revolutionize the cannabis landscape and it will also provide new opportunities for social consumption and in a regulated environment. I would say that the inclusion of the regular food and drinks, along with the live events in the cannabis zones would be so appealing for the consumers as well.