Missouri hunters can now use drones to track wounded deer, turkey but at increased permit costs


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Oct 30, 2023
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Source: Springfield News-Leader

If you intend to hunt deer and turkey this year in Missouri, you'll have to take some new rules and pricing to keep in mind. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) had decided to raise prices on permits. The MDC have brought out a new fall turkey-hunting permit. This permit must be obtained by fall firearms and fall archery turkey hunters, otherwise they will not be able to hunt turkey. Another change is that turkey permits were previously included with archery permits.

It's pretty much the same when it comes to deer hunting, prices will increase there as well.

Check out the new prices below:
  • Archer's Hunting Permit
    • Resident Landowners - $0
    • Residents - $20.50
    • Non-resident Landowners - $276.50 | $10.25 for youth (aged 6-15)
  • Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit
    • Resident Landowners - $0
    • Residents - $7.50
    • Non-Residents - $26
    • Youth (6-15) - $3.75
  • Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit
    • Resident Landowners - $0
    • Residents - $7.50
    • Non-Residents - $26
    • Youth (6-15) - $3.75
  • Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit
    • Resident Landowners - $0
    • Residents - $18
    • Non-Resident Landowners - $203.50
    • Non-Residents - $276.50 | Youth (6-15) - $9
  • Managed Deer Hunting Permit
    • Residents - $18
    • Non-Residents - $276.50 | Youth (6-15) - $9
You can visit the MDC website here- mdc.mo.gov/permits/hunting-permits - for more info.

But that's not the only news here. It looks like the MDC has since allowed the use of drones to track your hunts. This way you can track wounded deer or turkey, as a way to make it easier to find them.

Missouri's fall deer and turkey hunting seasons are fast approaching, so get on this now. The full schedule for the season can be found in the top link of this post.

Anyway, discuss your thoughts. :)
Missouri, United States
I have a feeling more hunters will start to utilize drones for finding their kills easier. Or even to track their hunts.

As for the pricing, I think it's fair all around. I don't think the prices even jumped that high, did they? I'm going to have to check the rules/prices in Michigan now. I wonder if we can use drones for hunting purposes here.

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