New Regulations for Bear Season in Arkansas: What Hunters Need to Know


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Aug 26, 2023
The bear hunting season in North Arkansas is about to begin, and hunters should be aware of some new regulations from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC). The bear season in South Arkansas's Zone 4, including Columbia and nearby counties, runs from December 9-15. Residents and nonresidents, both need a bear permit, where fees for a Resident Bear Permit are waived while a Nonresident Bear Permit costs $300.

These permits aim to collect essential data on bear hunters' experiences in Arkansas. Successful hunters must also submit a premolar tooth and a voluntary hair sample for age and genetic research. The tooth is crucial for aging, and the hair sample helps build a genetic database. Additionally, hunters can contribute to studying mange in Arkansas bears by submitting liver samples.

The AGFC emphasizes the importance of distinguishing male from female bears to preserve the population. To assist hunters, the AGFC provides educational resources, including a video, on determining a bear's sex using trail camera footage and key markers. These precautions aim to maintain a balance in the bear population while offering early hunting seasons

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This should be a good way to preserve the bear population and help with overpopulation. I know in some locations bears can be a problem, so hunting programs like this exist. The permit fees for nonresidential is a bit much imo, but how long do these permits last for?

I'm for them collecting this data you speak of, should be a good way to track the bear population in the area.
The regulations implemented by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) for bear hunting season seem to strike a balance between preserving the bear population and allowing for early hunting opportunities. By collecting data on hunters' experiences and conducting genetic research, the AGFC is taking steps towards sustainable wildlife management.