New rules for Crypto miners in Arkansas


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Oct 30, 2023
Story here - The Hill

If you're into crypto mining, or mining crypto in general, you may want to check out this recent news about crypto miners in Arkansas. Due to local complaints about noise and environmental concerns from crypto mining, Arkansas has implemented new regulations for cryptocurrency mining. As long as you comply with these new local noise ordinances, and are not controlled by a foreign entity, you're allowed to mine crypto in the area. The intent is to provide a framework that gives both state and local authorities the power to keep track of these operations for strictly.

Due to this news though, crypto miners in Arkansas will likely face stricter scrutiny before they're able to operate. As well, any new mining facilities will have to be far away from residents to better adhere to the new noise reduction standards. If you fail to comply with these new regulations, you could be subject to civil penalties.

There is some concern and of course criticism with these new regulations. Some people, including legislators and residents are still concerned about the noise levels and environmental impacts. Of course, the debate continues on, especially in regards to the effectiveness of the new laws. And some don't understand the need to prohibit foreign ownership.

Do you think this is the right step? Is this too strict for those mining crypto? What does this mean for people mining in the privacy of their own homes?
Arkansas, United States
I has been proven that crypto mining puts out a lot of heat, and if you're running a facility with tons of machines mining your crypto, that's going to put off even more heat. It's not something I see being great for the environment, and if you ever heard a machine in action, it's pretty loud.

I think the rules are fair in this situation. It's one thing to have a few PCs to do some mining, but the people in question here, are big companies mining crypto in bigger facilities.

I think it would be easy for these companies to follow the new rules and regulations.
Even though I favor crypto as a future of money, I am also very concerned about the issues associated with crypto mining. Mining requires a lot of energy and if you are using fossil fuel fore mining, you are actually damaging the environment. Mining also creates a lot of noise and building a mining farm in the residential areas will of course come under the fire. I think the new rules are good for the community as well as for miners in the long run.