Missouri Conservation Commission Greenlights Hunting and Fishing Permit Price Adjustments by Department of Conservation


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Sep 5, 2023
Missouri residents, brace for permit price adjustments! The Missouri Conservation Commission has given the nod for a $1 increase in most resident hunting and fishing permits, effective February 29, 2024. After two decades of stable prices, this move is essential to support the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) management of over 1,000 conservation areas and facilities.

Despite the uptick, Missouri's permits are a steal compared to neighboring states; the resident firearm deer permit will be $18, while the average in nearby states is $54.06. Plus, youth under 16 and seniors over 65 stay exempt from small-game hunting permits and annual fishing permit requirements, but don't forget your daily trout tags and annual trout permit. Stay informed and enjoy Missouri's great outdoors! Click here to get details on the prices.
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While I do not like hunting and I believe this is cruelty toward animals, I respect the choice of people who like to hunt for fun. I think the increase in permitting prices is a good move because the authorities can use the money for wildlife conservation. However, I believe the price should match what other states are charging because if you are letting people kill animals for fun, you also need some sort of compensation so that you can use the money for protecting animals.