Florida Alligator Hunting: A New Era with Extended Seasons and Special Permit


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Aug 26, 2023
As a potential game-changer for Florida's alligator hunters, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is contemplating a significant proposal to broaden hunting opportunities for a select group of enthusiasts. As of now, alligator hunters are restricted to hunting during one of the first four weeks of the season. However, the proposed changes introduce a more inclusive approach.

Under the new proposal, five special-use permits would be issued through a random draw, allowing recipients the flexibility to hunt throughout the entire season across any management unit, spanning both public wetlands and private land. This proposal signifies a substantial departure from the existing, more restrictive regulations. Interested hunters can submit an unlimited number of applications for these permits, each priced at $5. Floridian permit recipients would face a $250 fee, while non-Floridians would pay $750. For the alligator hunting community, this marks an exciting development, offering increased flexibility and the potential for a more successful season.

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Interesting! I knew you could hunt gators in Florida, but didn't know it was so limited originally, so this does make it a bit better for hunters.

So about this random draw, what does that entail exactly? You mentioned five special-use permits that will be in a random draw. Does that mean each person gets 5 permits they can use? Or is it randomized for people? Sorry just a bit confused about that bit.
Have alligators become so prominent now that they need to be culled? I wonder if that is the reason for such a law to be passed? Do you think that if they become less in numbers that they'll change the law to be more strict again? Maybe not as much as it initially was? I'm fearful that the non-residents will just see it as a sport.
They've since put their plans on hold, according to this article from WMNF.com. The article doesn't state exactly why, but it may be due to it already being hard to get permits to hunt alligators. They also suggested lowering the fees for people looking to get permits. Other than that, there's no further mention about if they plan to come back to this at a later date or go back to the drawing board.
So it was only just 5 hunters who got the chance to hunt 2 gators each? So they're only allowed 10 gators in total? Aren't they dealing with an overpopulation problem? Or is it that they don't have an overpopulation problem at all and have limited the amount of kills allowed?
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering expanding hunting opportunities for alligator hunters. The proposed changes would allow selected hunters to hunt throughout the entire season across different areas. This could be a game-changer for enthusiasts, offering more flexibility and potentially better results.