Michigan free hunting permit for Disabled Vets


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Aug 28, 2023
I came across an interesting bit of information for disabled vets who live in Michigan. If they are not working, and have been declared to be disabled due to their military service, they can get a hunting permit for free as long as they are residents. I don't know how long they had to have been a resident of the state to get the free permit though. Do other states offer this for veterans, I wonder?

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That's really cool actually, I had no idea they did this sort of thing for disabled vets, but I'm all for it. I too wonder if they have options in other states similar to this. This gives those vets some freedom to go out hunting, and live a little. If you're a veteran and are disabled, I suggest reaching out to your states local government or permitting office and see if there is any similar options to what they have in Michigan.
It's great that Michigan offers free hunting permits to disabled veterans who are residents. This initiative recognizes their sacrifice and provides them with an opportunity to enjoy a recreational activity. I hope more states consider implementing similar programs to honor and support their veterans.
I would love for this to happen in other states as well. I know a lot of people who are elderly and don't hunt much anymore because of all the permits and licensing they have to do every year. Offering free permits is one step to making it easier on the elderly. Make it to where the elderly can just sign up and have it, no need to pay or anything. That would be great!
I don't know whether I should be in favor of the news like this or should disagree. I disapprove of killing animals for fun. However, I also believe that people need entertainment, especially if have served the country and were discharged from the service because of disability.
I assume these animals are being hunted for food, rather than for sport. Some people still rely on hunting to fill their freezers with meat, and I imagine that many disabled vets are on a tight budget, so maybe this will help.