Stricter Standards for Outdoor Licenses Proposed in Alaska


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Aug 26, 2023
Senator Jesse Bjorkman suggests a new la that aims to make it tougher to get resident fishing, hunting, and trapping licenses in Alaska. This proposed bill is backed by House Bill 201. According to the the bill, only people who have lived in Alaska for a full year will be eligible to apply for the permit. There are some exceptions like medical reasons or military service. There are a lot of hurdles related to this proposed bill, the Department of Fish and Game will have to carefully check applicants, which might create bureaucratic challenges. The aim is to stop nonresidents, especially seasonal workers in Southeast Alaska, from getting in-state licenses while living elsewhere. However, the proposal might be challenged in court.
You can read more about this bill here
Alaska, United States
I get it. It makes sense that in order to be able to hunt in Alaska, you have to at least be a resident for a year or more. I know I wouldn't want outsiders coming into my state to fish and hunt freely. There are rules for a reason. Plus a lot of people in Alaska work in the fishing and hunting industry, so I think it makes perfect sense to block people who haven't lived here long from partaking in the same endeavors. I think they should have the right to limit who hunts and fishes. I can't imagine there being many different jobs options in Alaska. Fishing and hunting has to be their biggest jobs over there. Unless I'm wrong, please do correct me.