Florida's Proposed HB 621 Sparks Concerns Over Tenant Rights and Property Ownership Laws


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Aug 26, 2023
Florida's proposed HB 621 suggests expanding the definition of "transient occupants" to include renters without a notarized lease or proof of payment. This change might let landlords evict tenants more easily, skipping the formal court process. Legal experts worry that this broadened definition could easily be misused. The language used in the bill language raises constitutional concerns, especially for law-abiding renters lacking formal lease agreements. Additionally, HB 621 aims to eliminate the "doctrine of adverse possession," or "squatter's rights," that allows individuals to claim ownership of a property after seven years of continuous occupation. Critics fear this clause in the bill will let investors occupy abandoned properties.

You can read more about this proposed bill here
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I can see this being great for getting rid of squatters, but I can see it being abused to kick out people no matter what, even if they are paying their rent. Landlords are going to end up abusing this new power and I bet we'll see more people forced out of their homes because of this.

And I had no idea squatters are able to claim a property after living there for 7 years. I'm kind of glad they removed that. I think there are better ways of doing this though.
The big issue here I feel is with the rules. If they change it, it would mean that even those who are legit renting the apartment, that they could still be removed without a court hearing or anything. And since most renters do not have a notarized lease in the area, and some may not have receipt of rental payments to the property owner, they could be removed from their homes under these new rules. That is what I am getting from this news. I'm not sure I want to see this bill passed.