Important Updates on Firewood Cutting Permits in Siuslaw National Forest


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Aug 26, 2023
Aspiring firewood gatherers in the Siuslaw National Forest can anticipate a streamlined permit process in the near future. Permits for cutting firewood, whether for personal or commercial use, are on the horizon, and it's imperative to possess these permits when engaging in wood harvesting or transportation activities. Specific regulations and designated cutting areas vary across the forest's districts. Notably, the Hebo Ranger District will exclusively offer personal use permits this year due to staffing constraints. These personal use permits come at no cost, but there's a limit of six cords per household annually. On the other hand, commercial permits come with a fee, commencing at $120 for a minimum of six cords.

If you are considering obtaining a permit, conduct a reconnaissance of the cutting areas in advance. For comprehensive information, we encourage you to peruse the complete article for further details.
Oregon, United States
The upcoming streamlined firewood permit process in Siuslaw National Forest is a positive development, making it easier for people to access firewood for personal or commercial use. However, it's important to be aware of the district-specific regulations and costs associated with commercial permits. This initiative ensures responsible wood harvesting.