First permits for the use of deep-set buoy gear for swordfish fishing in California are issued.


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Jul 9, 2023
For those of you who are involved in the swordfish fishery in California, you will be happy to know that there has been a significant development. The first commercial fishing permits that are issued for using deep-set buoy gear are now being issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service as of September 15th 2023.

This is a development that hopes to transition away from the use of large mesh drift gillnets, this is planned to be something that is fully phased out by 2027. The reason for this is due to the severe impact the large mesh drift gillnets have on marine life.

After a lot of testing the use of deep-set buoys is set to be the primary method to use for swordfish fishing in California. This will offer a more environmentally friendly alternative.

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California, United States
The introduction of commercial fishing permits for deep-set buoy gear in California's swordfish fishery is a promising step forward. This move signifies a shift away from the environmentally harmful large mesh drift gillnets, which have taken a toll on marine life. The planned phase-out of these nets by 2027 demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. With extensive testing, deep-set buoys emerge as a more eco-friendly and responsible approach to swordfish fishing. It's encouraging to witness the industry's willingness to adapt for the benefit of marine ecosystems.