Save Money and the Planet: U.S. Forest Service Christmas Tree Permits Unveiled


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Aug 26, 2023
The U.S. Forest Service has come up with interesting ideas regarding Christmas Trees. You can now chop down your own tree, and the permits are super affordable—only $5 or $10. YOu can get your permits through

This isn't just about saving money; it's also good for the forests. Cutting down small trees in crowded areas helps other trees around them grow bigger and makes things better for wildlife. Plus, it reduces the risk of wildfires. This old-school tradition, once common in rural areas, is making a comeback. Since 2020, about 306,000 permits are sold each year.

The type of tree you can get depends on the forest, making it a bit of an adventure. It's a different experience compared to buying a tree from a store. These forest trees have a more natural shape, giving your holiday decor a unique touch.

If you want all the details about this eco-friendly holiday tradition, check out the full article.
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That's cool, I am so bookmarking the site. Seems like it could be important for finding other recreational permits. Back to the topic now, I think this is great. It also looks like it could help cut down on people chopping down whatever tree they want.

This is great for those who still use a real tree for the holidays. I tend to just use a fake tree because I have allergies that get worsened when we bring in a real tree for some reason.

Thank you for sharing, this sounds like a promising change.
I just looked at the map from the article and saw that not all national forests are included in this. So don't get expecting to chop down a tree without searching first to see if your local forest is on the list. There are none within my state, in face. But the price for the permit is cheaper than going to a Christmas tree farm where prices start around $40.
What a great idea! The requirements don't seem too cumbersome or expensive, so this could be just the thing to help both families and the forest out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, @Nomad.
I haven't gotten a tree yet this year, so maybe it's time I do. I've always used fake or artificial trees. I live near a wooded area, so I may as well take a look to see if I can grab a permit to cut down a tree near me. Haven't had a real tree since I was a kid.