Commercial cannabis permitting processes in six California jurisdictions


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Aug 26, 2023
If you are in California and in cannabis business, here is something that might be of interest for you.
The state auditor examined how permits for commercial cannabis businesses are handled in California. They studied six California jurisdictions. The auditors found that many places don't use best practices. One common issue was not reviewing applications fairly. This indicated that there is some kind of unfair treatment and favoritism.The auditor suggested some changes to fix these issues. They recommended using blind scoring for applications, having multiple reviewers, and creating a fair appeals process for denied permits.
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California, United States
Blind scoring should help, but it would still be easy to determine who had submitted the application just based on the applicant's responses. I guess nothing is going to be full proof, though.
Thank you for sharing this important information because it indicates the significance of fairness and transparency in the application process and it should apply across the various jurisdictions. I'm expecting implementing measures like blind scoring, multiple reviewers, and a fair appeals because they are essential steps need to address these issues.
It's kind of known that the cannabis industry is still growing. It's also still new, as a lot of states just legalized it for recreational/medicinal use. So there is going to be some growing pains when it comes to the full on process. Rules and aspects of the permit will probably change over the coming years as cannabis continues to grow in popularity. So in a way it's a learning experience.

I hope this helps things into the right direction, because the cannabis industry is a big money maker for cities and states. Getting this right could benefit the city and state a lot.