Immigrants and newcomers with deeper US roots pushing for work permits causing tension


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Jul 9, 2023
Tensions are rising in various U.S cities due to the high amount of new arrivals who are immigrants. They are coming in seeking work permits and shelter and also face challenges from those who have been in the country for years without having access to the same benefits.

Disparities have been highlighted through advocates and existing laws which has led to resentment and complaints. The issue does seem to have been aggravated by a recent influx of migrants entering the country which have been greeted with governors and mayors supporting the new arrivals whilst those who are established immigrants feel as though they are overlooked.

Even though there has been a slowdown due to restrictions in place for asylum which were created in May, illegal border crossings seem to have exceeded 2 million for the second year in a row.

The efforts from the Biden Administration to streamline work permit processing to help with new pathways have sparked dissatisfaction among those who are long-term residents who are facing longer wait times for such permits.

Immigrant service groups have been strained financially by the situation, this has also led to some experiencing challenges when it comes to meeting the diverse needs of both long-term residents and new arrivals. Funding is being sought by the White House for services for new arrivals but despite this, tensions are still persistent among immigrants who are seeking equal opportunities.

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This needs to be sorted asap. Current citizens, immigrants that have lived there a while and new migrants who have come over should all have the same options available to them. It sounds like the permitting process is taking way too long to cover everyone. Why couldn't they just make a website where people can get the permitting done that way? I imagine it would be a lot faster and more reliable.

It's time to streamline this process for everyone.
It is clear that the immigration situation in the U.S. is becoming increasingly complex and contentious. The disparities between new arrivals and established immigrants, as well as the strain on immigrant service groups, highlight the challenges faced by both groups. While the Biden Administration's efforts to streamline work permit processing may be seen as a step in the right direction for new arrivals, it is understandable that long-term residents are frustrated by longer wait times. It is crucial for the government to find a balanced approach that ensures equal opportunities for all immigrants while also addressing the financial strains on service providers.
They really need to implement a system where people aren't left in the dust waiting to be called up. All these people want to do is work, and get to it as soon as possible. The system clearly needs work as there are many people pushed aside to make room for the new batch of immigrants coming in.

I think if they can figure out how to give them all opportunities and help support them in their future, things will go a lot better.