New York City is demanding Biden speeds up the migrant work permits


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Jul 9, 2023
New York Mayor Eric Adams has demanded that the US President, Joe Biden speed up the migrant work permits.

At the moment New York is being hit with a huge wave of illegal immigrants, Eric Adams hopes that if the migrant work permits can be sped up it will help get the immigrants off the dole and into work.

It is being said that the issue is not how fast the permits are being issued but that the illegal immigrants are not applying for the permits in the first place which is what is causing the issue.

You can read more about this story in the Washington Times
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If these immigrants can't get the proper permits to work, they won't be able to afford much even with the state offering them a place to sleep and medical care. This will eventually start costing a lot of money for the state, and they'll eventually lose money that they can't afford to lose. Hopefully the Biden Administration will find a way to distribute these permits faster for the states affected by it.
The issue with work permits, sometimes, is that these illegal immigrants maybe doing some shady activities that will make them not to ask for a legal permit to work. I am hopeful that Joe Biden, the USA President, will speed up the migrant work permits so that states such as New York will have less to worry about illegal migrants being a nuisance in the state.
Well, migrants need their work permits to be able to work in the country and they can't stay out of work for a long time because they would be forced to go back to their respective countries which wasn't fair for them to move to USA. Biden and his administrative team should have this on their priority list because it's very important.
If you cannot stop immigrants in your city, you should at least have clear permitting rules so that you can tax them. In NYC, immigrants make up 37 percent of the population, however, the migrant labor force consists of 44 percent. It is estimated more than 77 percent of immigrants are undocumented. Therefore addressing the issue of migrant work permits is very important.
In my opinion, I believe that while speeding up the process of migrant work permits may help address the issue of illegal immigrants in New York, it is essential to first address the root cause of why these individuals are not applying for permits in the first place. It is crucial to ensure that there is a comprehensive approach that tackles both the bureaucratic hurdles in obtaining permits and the reasons why immigrants are choosing not to go through the proper channels. By understanding and addressing these underlying factors, they can work towards a more sustainable and effective solution for both immigrants and the local community.
The number of illegal immigrants living in USA is estimated to be within the range of 11 million or more. The office of the president of the United States of America have neglected taking this problem seriously and it's been getting out of hand. This is part of what causes the increased crime rate in US as of today.

Some of these illegal immigrants who can't find work as a result of not having their permit turns to crime. The earlier a solution is proffered for this problem, the better it's going to be for all living in USA.