Gainesville Adopts AI for Construction Approvals


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Aug 26, 2023
In an interesting development in the permitting process of construction projects, Gainesville has introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. This tool called AutoReview.AI will speed up the approval process for construction projects. This AI tool aims to cut down the approval, permitting, and planning time from a couple of weeks to just 24-48 hours. Gainesville developed AutoReview.AI by teaming up with the University.

What exactly AutoReview.AI does do?

It automates compliance reviews by converting manual codes into digital form. AutoReview.AI was not introduced to replace planners but to make their work more efficient.

Gainesville has now joined other Florida cities like Altamonte Springs and Pasco County to adopt AI in the permitting process.

You can learn more here.
Gainesville, Florida, United States
This AI tool in Gainesville seems like a game-changer for the construction industry. The ability to speed up the approval process for construction projects from weeks to just a couple of days is impressive. It's great to see cities embracing technology to make their processes more efficient and streamlined. This development could potentially have a positive impact on the local economy and infrastructure growth.