Cape Coral Switches to Online Permitting for Faster Service


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Aug 26, 2023
Cape Coral Permitting System is no more manual, you will have to use the online systems for appointment booking in order to streamline the permitting process.
According to the Communications Manager for the city, Melissa Mickey, the change was introduced for convenience and efficiency. The city has a self-service website with 13 push buttons for various kinds of instant permit approval. Currently, they are offering instant approval for services like electrical repairs, roofing, plumbing, shutters/awning, garage door replacement, etc.

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Cape Coral, Florida, United States
This is amazing to see and something I am sure that those who live in Cape Coral will be very happy about. There is nothing worse than sitting around and hoping that applying for a permit will not take what may seem like forever.

This will get through so many more applications and ensure no one has to wait any longer than necessary for approval on a permit.
The transition to an online permitting system in Cape Coral is a fantastic move towards convenience and efficiency. The communications manager's insight into this change highlights the benefits it brings. The self-service website with instant permit approval for services like electrical repairs, roofing, and plumbing makes it much more accessible for residents. This shift not only saves time but also aligns with modern technology, making the permitting process smoother and more user-friendly. Well done Cape Coral!
I think Cape Coral's decision to switch to online permitting is a positive step towards improving service for residents and businesses. By embracing digital technology, the city can streamline the permit application process, reduce waiting times, and offer greater convenience to its community members.