City of Santee Unveils Innovative Online Portal for Permitting and Licensing


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Sep 5, 2023
The City of Santee has launched a new online Permitting & Licensing Portal to modernize and simplify its permit application and licensing procedures. Starting on August 29, applicants can conveniently apply for permits, submit plans, track project statuses, schedule inspections, and renew business licenses using this user-friendly online platform. The portal, hosted by Tyler Technologies, also allows users to report problems, request services, or notify code compliance issues. The main objective of this initiative is to enhance customer service, streamline processes, reduce paperwork, increase transparency, and expedite the handling of permits, plans, and licenses. Hard-copy applications will no longer be accepted, and all submissions must be made through the online portal.
The registration information and user guides can be found on the Santee City website or the Permitting & Licensing Portal website.
Click here to know more about the permit, get details regarding the registration and contact list for any kind of assistance required with registration or any other portal-related issues.
Santee, California, United States
I have heard a lot about Tyler Technologies in the past and there are positives that they are going to do a good job with making the online permit process be a smooth one for the people of Santee. Hopefully, they will have the site run on a better server to avoid network issues when a lot of users are trying to get different permits logging on the website.
Whenever I have to get a permit for something and the process is manual, I always wonder why government agencies are too reluctant to use the Internet to expedite the permitting process or any kind of services they are providing. When services are offered online, it will be beneficial for the officials as well as service seekers. Opening an online portal is certainly a good move.
The City of Santee have followed the same process upgrade that every one out there have been asking for. The world have developed so much that one doesn't need to be forced to be in the offices to apply for whatever kind of permit they want. Everything can be carried out online unless there's a serious need that would warrant getting the person to the office.

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