Dothan Provides Online Permit Training for Contractors


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Sep 5, 2023
Attention, fellow City of Dothan business license holders! I have some exciting news to share with you. Our city is launching an innovative online permitting portal that promises to streamline our application processes. This development presents a fantastic opportunity for us to enhance our workflow.

We cordially invite you to participate in training sessions designed to empower us with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate this new portal efficiently. During these sessions, you'll gain valuable insights into account creation, application submission, application status tracking, fee payments, and online inspection requests. This represents a significant departure from our familiar methods and is poised to make managing our permits a seamless experience.

Mark your calendars for the training sessions scheduled for September 26 and 28, offering two time slots on each day. The venue for these sessions will be the City of Dothan's General Services Classroom. To ensure your spot in these sessions, we urge you to reserve your place as early as possible, as seating is limited.

For more comprehensive information and further details, please refer to the full article here. Let's embrace this exciting shift in permit management and make the most of this valuable opportunity!
Dothan, Alabama, United States
Contractors in the City of Dothan have received their Christmas gifts early with this new perk from the permitting agency in Dothan. This is my first time of hearing about an agency going to this extent to help contractors learn and understand how to use their new online permitting process by budgeting a resources for this online permit training. If I'm a contractor doing in business in Dothan, I will never miss this opportunity.
Converting from the manual permitting process to the online permitting process is definitely a good move adopted by CVity of Dothan. This will be beneficial to the residents, contractors, as well as authorities. While residents and contracts will save time in getting approval and save money as long permitting process will raise the cost, even the officials do not have to deal with so many people waiting for the permits.