Atlanta's Welcome H.O.M.E. Program For Improved Permitting


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Aug 26, 2023
Atlanta has introduced the Welcome H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunity Moves for Everyone) initiative, a transparent permitting process specifically tailored for affordable housing projects. This program aims to accelerate the development of affordable housing through a pre-submission program and a dedicated coordination team. They are launching Affordable Housing Week (Feb 12-16) to educate participants on new processes, offer code clarifications, and resolve interagency conflicts. Eligible projects, such as residential additions and multi-family demolitions, must adhere to specific criteria. Eligible projects can apply with required documents through city's online portal by February 8.
You can read about this program here
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I really think systems like this need to be implemented across the US. Especially if it can help provide more affordable housing to those in need. But it starts with those people building said affordable homes and I think a system like this can help make the process of building and providing affordable housing.

I am happy to hear about more cities and states going through this process. Should make it easier to build these new affordable houses.

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