Question Unusual Permit Requirement For Minor Electrical Work in Florida


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Aug 26, 2023
While browsing Reddit, I came across an intriguing query that I believe could benefit our group's collective knowledge. A resident in Florida is in the midst of making minor electrical adjustments to their home, which involve adding and relocating a few outlets. What struck me as peculiar is that their local online permit application is requesting a single-line diagram for this seemingly straightforward project. Typically, such diagrams are associated with more complex electrical systems, making this requirement quite unexpected for a small-scale endeavor.

Has anyone else encountered a similar request for a single-line diagram for minor electrical work in Florida? If so, what approach did you take to address this unusual requirement? Your thoughts and experiences on this matter would be highly appreciated and could provide valuable guidance for our fellow members facing this perplexing situation.
Florida, United States
The users who replied to that Reddit thread seem pretty knowledgeable about this, so I would defer to them. As they point out, when it comes to electrical work in residential settings, especially minor tasks like adding or moving outlets, it doesn't seem to be common practice to require a single line diagram. I understand that such diagrams are more typically associated with larger power systems or commercial installations. However, like the Reddit commenters point out, different municipalities can have unique requirements, and it seems there are places in Florida that might ask for this. In this situation, I would personally consult a local electrician about the diagram issue and to ensure I'm adhering to all the applicable codes and standards.