Former Luxury Homebuilder Employees Face Legal Issues for Alleged Building Permit Fraud in South Florida


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Aug 26, 2023
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Two ex-workers of Woolems, Inc., a high-end home construction company based in South Florida, are in legal trouble due to a scheme related to building permits. The company's former Chief Operating Officer and a notary public are accused of forging signatures for building permits in Monroe County. The alleged misconduct said to have taken place between 2020 and 2022, involved sidestepping the usual processes for obtaining building permits. This deceptive activity could have permitted construction projects to move forward without the required regulatory scrutiny, potentially hastening the building timeline and avoiding adherence to safety and legal guidelines. They are accused of misusing Woolem's license to obtain permits and then transfer these permits to other contractors.

You can read the details here
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Do stupid things and pay the consequences. I don't get why people have to go behind the rules to get something done. Just take the time to actually go through the permitting process and inspections. Because it's going to be far worse when something goes wrong on that property, you could get sued or face other legal issues.
I have seen forgery and fraud repeatedly over the years. Forged or misused Engineer's stamps, inspectors signatures on inspection cards, falsified permits, using another registrants work as your own, etc. Prosecution is the only answer when these issues come up.

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