Updates for Building Permits and Sewer Rates in Edgecomb


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Aug 26, 2023
If you're in the process of obtaining building permits in Edgecomb, it's crucial to be aware of potential upcoming developments. The Edgecomb Select Board is discussing the potential adjustment of building permit fees. The aim behind this adjustment is to secure funding for covering the salary of the code enforcement officer and other associated expenses. It's worth noting that the current permit fees in Edgecomb have remained unchanged for a significant period, and they are notably lower than those in neighboring towns.

Furthermore, there is ongoing discussion concerning a possible increase in sewer rates, particularly in light of the 8.64 percent rate hike approved by the Wiscasset Select Board in August. Staying well-informed about these potential changes is vital, as they could have an impact on your future projects or financial obligations. For a more comprehensive understanding of this matter, you can access the complete article here
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In my view, staying informed about these potential changes in Edgecomb is essential for residents and builders alike. Adjusting permit fees to cover necessary expenses makes sense, but it's crucial to strike a balance that doesn't discourage development. The discussion surrounding sewer rate hikes underscores the need for careful consideration, especially given the recent increase in a neighboring town. Being proactive in understanding these developments is wise for planning and budgeting purposes.
This is actually it's very important to make sure that you reach out and contact the building department that issues permits for any kind of building projects that you want to carry out. It's never going to end well when you just assume that you know it all or that nothing have changed. Make all the necessary inquiries before starting out anything to be on the safer side.