In 2024, Anticipate Fee Increases for Recreation Facilities, Building Permits, and More


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Sep 5, 2023
Attention to those involved in construction, recreation, or the arts within St. Albert, please be prepared for adjustments to various fees in 2024. The St. Albert City Council is currently revising the Master Rates Bylaw, which will impact the pricing structure for several permits and licenses, including those for building and development. This initiative is driven by the necessity to align with inflation and the rising operational expenses, with the expectation of generating an additional $113,300 in revenue for the coming year.

Furthermore, you can expect an uptick in membership fees for facilities such as the Fountain Park Pool and Servus Place. As an example, family memberships for Fountain Park will see a $50 increase. Similarly, the arts community will encounter higher rental fees for venues like the St. Albert Visual Arts Studio and the Arden Theatre. These adjustments are part of a broader shift towards a user-pay approach aimed at ensuring the financial sustainability of city facilities and programs. We recommend revising your plans accordingly and accessing more detailed information in the article here.
Alberta, Canada