Winter Project Preparedness Advisory for Contractors and Homeowners in Steamboat Springs


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Aug 26, 2023
Ahead of the approaching winter season in Steamboat Springs, Public Works is issuing a timely advisory for contractors, homebuilders, and homeowners. To facilitate smooth operations during the colder months, it's crucial to complete all inspections before November 1. With the town's unpredictable snow patterns, Streets Superintendent David Van Winkle stresses the importance of taking a proactive stance. Whether aiming for a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO), certificate of occupancy (CO), or requiring water and/or sewer service, it's essential to have grading, drainage improvements, and utility installations inspected well before the November deadline.

Notably, certain inspections, such as Single Family/Duplex Final Site Inspections for CO or TCO, won't be available from November 1 to April 1. Moreover, outdoor water and/or sewer work is restricted from November 1 to May 1 without a variance. Refer to the comprehensive details in the Steamboat Springs bulletin to ensure a seamless winter project execution
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As winter approaches in Steamboat Springs, it's vital for construction and homeowners to complete inspections before November 1 to avoid potential challenges due to unpredictable snowfall. Proactive planning is key for a successful winter project execution.